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Canadians Say Supporting Canadian Broadcasters More Important Than Watching Super Bowl TV Ads

Bell Media has released the results of a new survey suggesting that Canadians are more eager to support Canadian broadcast rights agreements than watch U.S. Super Bowl commercials.

The Nanos survey for Bell Media released yesterday suggests Canadians – by a margin of more than three to one – would rather support Canadian broadcasters who have paid for the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl over the ability to watch the commercials from those U.S. broadcasts, which are replaced by Canadian commercials under so-called ‘simsub’ regulations.

Those regulations could be changed, and U.S. commercials could be aired in future Super Bowl broadcasts, if recent decisions made by the country’s broadcast regulator, the CRTC, are to stand. Bell Media is making an appeal on that decision that would see simultaneous substitution of commercials suspended in certain, not all, U.S. live event broadcasts.

However, according to the survey results and analysis, Bell Media says Canadians believe it is more important to support Canadian broadcasters who have paid for broadcast rights (69%) over the ability to watch U.S. Super Bowl commercials (20%).

A majority of those Canadians surveyed, 62 per cent, say they are aware that Super Bowl ads are available online before, during, and after the game; 36 per cent said they were unaware.

Commercials or not, this year’s Super Bowl again attracted record Canadian and worldwide TV audiences.



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3 Comments » for Canadians Say Supporting Canadian Broadcasters More Important Than Watching Super Bowl TV Ads
  1. Tony C says:

    Simple solution: if people really want to watch commercials, the advertisers could buy time on the Cdn broadcast and schedule the US commercial.

  2. Sean says:

    As. If.

  3. bdpd says:

    Are you KIDDING ME? Look at the way the questionnaire is constructed and tell me that this isn’t a piece of biased research designed to elicit the desired answers. This isn’t real research nor is it in any way neutral. Bell wants an answer, and they built this to get it.

    Aside from that, Bell used the majority of the airtime in the Super Bowl to promote its own shows. The number of promos for their own programming far out-weighed any advertising they sold. The good news is we can turn their crappy offerings off anytime we want to – so I did. I cancelled all of my over-priced services from Bell, and freed myself from a long, long list of the worst customer service experiences imaginable.

    They don’t deserve your business, nor do they deserve their wildly dis-proportionate slice of wireless spectrum, tv penetration, or lousy ‘high-speed’ internet service penetration. Canadians have been over-paying for lousy service for far too long. Tell you what Bell – stop wasting your money on research papers to convince regulators to do what you want and start providing decent service at fair prices.

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